Seed GeneBank

Seed Genebank Unit is one of the core Unit of National Center for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB). The Unit is saddled with the responsibilities of acquisition, managing, conservation, distribution, regeneration, characterization and utilization of the orthodox seeds.Orthodox seeds are seeds which will survive drying and / or freezing during ex-situ conservation.

The Seed Genebank at NACGRAB has the following facilities for germplasm conservation and maintenance.

Germplasm Acquisition

Sources of germplasm conserved in the genebanks are:

 Germplasm Management

 Germplasm Distribution

This involves supply of representative seed samples from the genebank in response to requests from the users. Over the years NACGRAB accessions of different crop species to meet the requirements of her clients mainly researchers. In 2015, 1,556 accessions of 30 crop species were distributed to Scientists, breeders and Research Students from 27 institutions.

Germplasm Regeneration

This is the renewal of germplasm accessions by sowing and harvesting seeds which will possess the same characteristics as the original population. The Seed Genebank Unit of the Centre periodically carry out regeneration of germplasm due to the following reasons.

 Germplasm Characterisation

Characterisation of germplasm is the prerequisites for utilization of crop improvement. This involves recording of characters and traits which are highly heritable and expressed in all environments. Most of the accessions in the Centre’s seed genebank have been characterized with the use of descriptors developed by IBPGR (now Biodiversity International). while newly required germplasm will be characterized.

 Germplasm Utilization

It is obvious that in Nigeria there is a wide gap between availability and utilization of the conserved genetic resources. The reason for low use of germplasm include lack of information on a large number of accessions for traits of economic importance and limited capacity breeding programmes to absorb new materials. Efforts are being made to enhance the utilization by identifying trait specific germplasm for use in crop improvement programmes and muiltilocational evaluation of germplasm.

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