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Biotechnologyharnesses cellular and bio molecular processes to develop solution that help solve problems in many areas including agriculture and environment. The biotech unit at NACGRAB was established in 1999 to handle issues relating to research and development of genetic resources. More so, to complement the conservation mandate of the Centre using the simple biotechnology tool –Tissue Culture for the in vitro conservation, regeneration and multiplication of both agronomic and tree crop species;Molecular Biology for characterization and evaluation of plant genetic resources in the country.


 Molecular characterization and fingerprinting of germplasm collections using molecular makers approach for identification, reduction of vast collections to their genetic variants and construction of fine phylogenetic trees.

  • In vitro regeneration and conservation of plant genetic resources utilization and posterity.
  • Development of in vitro multiplication protocol for agronomic and tree crop species such as Pineapple, Banana/Plantain, Jatropha, Eucalyptus etc.
  • Research and development in plant genetic resources conservation and utilization.
  • Mass propagation of economic and agronomic crop species using temporary immersion bioreactor (TIBs) based on demand.
  • Pathological screening and molecular diagnosis of germplasm infections from plants, animals and microbes.
  • Training of ITs, research students and scientist/researchers on the use and applications of tissue culture and molecular biology techniques.
  • Production of quality seedlings to farmers.


  • Successful development of protocols for in vitro regeneration and conservation of some agronomic and tree crop species
  • Successful development of mass propagation protocols using Temporary Immersion Bioreactor (TIBs)
  • Provide improved planting materials for farmers
  • Thirty (30) PhD, Sixty (60) MSc, Thirty (30) BSc, Seventy-Eight(78) research scientist and outnumbered IT students have successfully been trained
  • Over Ten Thousand(10000) seedlings of Pineapple, Plantain/Banana plantlets have been sold to local farmers and business ventures


  • Yam improvement for Incomes and Food Security in West Africa (YIIFSWA) in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
  • NACGRAB/UNILAG/NABDA – environmental protection (desertificationcontrol, soil erosion control and bioremediation).
  • NACGRAB/UNILAG DNA barcoding and molecular characterization of medicinal plants at the Gashakagumpti national park
  • NACGRAB/FUMAN – collaboration on the supply of pineapple seedlings


  • Ananascomosus(pineapple)
  • Musa spp(plantain/banana)
  • Artemisia annua
  • Eucalyptus camadulensis
  • Saccachumspp(sugarcane)
  • Jatropha curcas
  • Azadiracterindica
  • Voacanga Africana
  • Discoreaspp (yam)
  • Manihotesculentus (cassava)
  • Impomeabatatas(potato)
  • Picrilimanitida
  • Khayagrantifolia
  • Phoenix dactilifera(date palm)
  • Parkiabiglobosa
  • Moringaoleifera 

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Research Mandate

Exploration, collection, identification, evaluation, characterization, storage and conservation of rich stock of both animal and plant germplasm materials. Acquisition, maintenance, utilization, exchange and dissemination of information on genetic materials of plants, animals and microbes.. [more]

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